Running Towards a Better Life

How I found my brilliant life again from this one simple activity and how you can as well.

As someone in full-time work with a young child, it was easy for me to join the chorus of the time-poor. And it was true.

But spending my time doing things for others meant I was losing touch with myself in the process. I wasn’t listening to that voice inside that whispers your dreams and goals and also whispers how to reach them. How to spend your hours in a way that will give you life satisfaction by wiling away the hours on hobbies, personal interests. Things that light you up.

As a massive foodie, I was also gaining weight.

I knew I needed to up my physical activity, but had no interest in going back to they gym. Staring at grey walls and watching infomercials that spanned the 9 TV screens in the one small sweat-infested room did not sound like fun.

I needed to move. And I needed to be outdoors.

Enter running.

In 18 months, I went from not running anything past a poor-attempt at a high school cross country to running my first 100km ultramarathon. Sounds hard right? Here’s the kicker, I bloody loved it.

Running freed my body from feeling unhealthy, and it freed my mind at the same time. I suddenly found I had the mental space to do things I loved. Things that no one else really cares much for, but it doesn’t matter. Because I started to feel fulfilled.

I started crocheting and won ribbons in my local show for my handiwork. Instead of just making breakfast every morning, I began cooking with creative abandon which you can see over on Instagram @australianfoodie. My husband and I have no idea about farming, but we bought a farm and have peppered it with alpacas, donkeys, goats, cows, guinea fowl, chickens and a dog. Pets with flair. Endurance sport for me has offered me the freedom to have a go at new things in life. And that’s really why we’re all here in the first place.

To have a crack at things and experience the new.

This Medium page will let you in on how to also bring running into your life. Whether your goal is to be able to join a social club, run 10k, a half-marathon, a marathon, or an ultra, you can do it.

You got this.

Life isn’t serious, and neither is running. Let’s have fun!

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Experimental recipes, running ultramarathons or 5km, creative writing & laughing with life. Submit your recipes to Global Foodies:

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Australian Foodie

Australian Foodie

Experimental recipes, running ultramarathons or 5km, creative writing & laughing with life. Submit your recipes to Global Foodies:

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